Valtellina advertising with GreatPixel
Valtellina advertising with GreatPixel

19 Apr , 2017

September 2016 โ€“ After we won the tender notice announced by Explora for the tourist development of the Valtellina destination, we created a campaign with strong emotional and visual impact that aimed to highlight the scenic beauty of Lombardy and the quality of accommodation, improving the perception of brand.

The growth of tourism competitiveness of the area and its economic benefits, the development of natural and cultural heritage, as well as the increase in tourist numbers were the goals of the communication plan, aimed primarily at families and young people (even groups of friends) interested experiences for leisure, sport and culture proposed by the Valtellina.

Our team did not limit itself to the design of the campaign, but declined the communication strategy Valtellina 2016/2017 identifying the guidelines, tone of voice and claim.

The corporate identity and style guide communication Valtellina 2016/2017 are allocated on and off line, and include the development of Adv online formats, website, landing page of the newsletter, printed materials and social communication.