Personal shopper via Chatbot? Three cases you should know.
Personal shopper via Chatbot? Three cases you should know.

24 Oct , 2018

“We are still in the very early stage of AI technology adoption in the retail industry. […] the most forward-thinking companies will turn to AI chatbot technology to meet these shifting client demands”

Eitan Sharon, Ceo at

In the next few years, will we be able to recognize if our interlocutor is a bot or a man?

The most important brands in the world are realizing the great potential of artificial intelligence applied to retailing.  The same as a true Personal Assistant, a chatbot can support the user during the customer journey and three brand examples that already use Chatbot in a strategic way are Louis Vuitton, American Eagle and eBay.

Louis Vuitton has created a shopping assistant based on on facebook messenger. American Eagle has chosen Messenger and Kik. These Chatbots are very satisfying and have very advanced functions, for example the ability to search for a product via a picture you simply upload.

eBay realized a more advanced bot, using a voice message that allows the user to buy without exiting the Chatbot, just like a real and reliable shopping assistant.

The personalization of relationships that are now possible with these tools, even though robotized, has enormous potential to help building long-term customer loyalty.