Fastweb landing page


Conversion Rate Optimization

Fastweb landing page

The request from the customer

The challenge presented to GreatPixel was to optimize the entire conversion funnel working principally on the Landing Page (lead capture page). Fastweb is one of the most advanced digital marketing realities and the entire funnel had already been subject to continuous optimization. The project provided performance remuneration based on the actual results achieved.

The proposed solution and the results we have obtained

Data Driven:

  • Traffic data analysis and funnel
  • Take advantage of the visual maps analytics heat maps
  • 3 A / B testing cycles (using Google Experiments in this case)

Human Driven analysis:

  • Usability Eurisities
  • User test
  • Personas and user cognitive needs detection UX neuro-marketing design

UX neuro-marketing design

  • Revision of page scan patterns
  • Revision of the decision framework (giving a different order and greater connotation to the business packages)
  • Copy review
  • Creating a new and clear graphic

The result was a + 12% of the result in terms of final customer subscribers of the service.

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