CUSTOMER: Fernet Branca



User Experience

User Interface design

The request from the customer

Based on the concept of “The Power of Herbs”, the client’s request was to create an immersive experience that would respect the traditional target of the product but principally met the communication codes of the Millennials, while maintaining intact the respect for tradition and the history of a worldwide brand with over 170 prestigious communications and advertising stories.

The proposed creativity

The creative idea has led us to emphasize the concept of Herb Power by placing the product in the center of a magical, suspended island. A magical and unexpected nature manifests itself in all its power. Communication codes coherently recall the uniqueness of Fernet-branca but also the fantastic imagination of young people, such as the matte paint settings of the best games or movies as an avatar.

The site has been used as part of the brand’s new brand placement campaign.

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