Be Great

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Great Pixel Manifesto

This is our manifesto, our belief in terms of methodology. The following points are some of the concepts that we always keep in foreground when we approach a new project. These milestones allow us to create memorable experiences at the service of measurable results.

The creative intuition must be based on solid foundations: the insights resulting from customer research, a codified methodology and continuous data analysis. Pure creativity offers many stimuli but consumes a lot of resources.

T he opinion of your customers are important but they are not a fact.

For most people, 999 will always look less than 1000. The involvement of your users during the design process is not enough. It requires the ability to identify mental automatisms and unexpressed needs.

Big data, analytics, A/B test: provide a framework of endogenous variables in the system. If you compare and measure underperforming designs, it will just be a battle between losers and  you will not discover the real potential of your business.

T he truth is that you can always improve.

But it takes courage to change.

The optimization of a digital experience does not always proceed in a linear fashion, moving a button by a few pixels or changing the color of a pattern. Every now and then you need to jump into something new.

When you really dare the error is around the corner, it’s in reality just part of an incremental improvement. Be agile: give yourself short-term goals with frequent releases and continuous measurement, so you always stay with the course in the direction of ultimate success.